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“Makey me happy”

by Marco Pucci, Alex Cayuela, Martina Coletti


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Plants are happy when you take care of them.
With “Makey me happy” plants start to singing a song during the watering


Take your favorite plant.

Insert two cable in the soil and connect them with two Alligator Clips. Then connect the Alligator Clips to the Makey Makey board in correspondance of “Earth” and “Click” pins.

Download the zip folder – WinMacLinuxSource code

Think about a song you’d like to listen when your plant is happy, insert your file mp3 in to the folder “data” and rename it “1”.

Be sure the sound works in your computer!

Make a double click on the file “start” (a patch realized with Processing, an open source program), water the plant and enjoy the happy song of your plant!



Materials: A plant, a computer, audio speakers and a Makey Makey kit
Price:  Free
Time: 10 min
Software: sketch realized with Processing (open source program)









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